Hi, my name is Dima Berastau and I am full-stack web and mobile application developer currently based in Whistler, BC, Canada. I've been involved in all aspects of sotware development for over 15 years. While I've started my career with big businesses such as SAP and RIM I've quickly gravitated towards start-ups where my ability to adapt and take on whatever technical challenges laid ahead could make a real difference. Currently my focus is on Ruby on Rails and iOS Applications but my experience spans a wide range of technologies, languagues and platforms. My forté is taking a concept from idea to a fully working web/mobile product, sometimes with little to no external help.

In some cases, I've been able to get V1 of a product to market by myself and then build an agile team to move the product forward in an attempt to gain customers and market share. In other cases, I've had to put months and months of work into a project only to realise that the concept doesn't have a product/market fit and would require a fundamental concept shift to work, if at all. In all cases, the market teaches you to pay attention to what you are doing. You just have to be ready to listen.

As a result, my programming has evolved over time from cowboy style - let's try to build this or let's try to build that - to what I like to call samurai style - take 1 shot and make it count. Start-ups are not all about success and fun. Not most of them anyway, but you do learn a lot of other things along the way. One thing I've learned is that my motivation to develop and deliver beautiful software is pure and I am sure I'll be doing this for a long time regardless of successes or failures that may come along the way.

Get in touch if you think that I can help. While I am very selective about the projects I spend my time on now I am always open to giving and receiving feedback.

When I am not working on software I like to ski, bike, run and take photos occasionally.

Karmasoft is a complete yoga studio management software. I've developed the initial web version of the product and then helped put together a team to continue evolving it. I am involved in all apsects of the project from infrastructure to back-end and front-end development.

Jiber was an experimental iOS App (initially developed for iOS6) that helped you uncover a world of similarities you share with people you meet in the real world. I've developed the application (back-end and front-end) and was responsible for the infrastructure setup and maintenance.

I have worked on a number of customer projects, primarily focusing on Ruby on Rails and iOS applications. I've also been advising various teams using Ruby on Rails and/or RestfulX to help them get over technical hurdles and improve their code.

I have co-founded Ruboss with Peter Armstrong and a framework called RestfulX (The RESTful way of develop Adobe Flex and AIR application) was the result of our collaboration. We focused on customer projects and doing consulting using the open-source RestfulX framework as backbone.

The framework utlimately became defunct as Adobe Flex/AIR market share dwindled and Adobe refocused their attention on pure HTML5 initiatives. Peter and I then parted ways to focus on different projects.

Participated in the development of Business Objects Voyager, a JavaScript/Ajax/ JSF-based Web 2.0 OLAP solution taking responsibility for several key subsystems.

Ideas for Growing Your Yoga Business

Yoga Studio Software and More: Ideas for Growing Your Yoga Business

KarmasoftSo, your yoga business is getting some traction; your marketing is paying off and word of mouth is helping the word to spread. You have regular attendance and life is good. However, before you plateau (or worse, lose students), consider these key ideas for taking things to the next level:

Get to Know Your Students

While you may be friendly and even on a first-name basis with many of your regular students, consider taking things to the next level to help build on those relationships. Host a potluck, take a survey of client wants and needs, and find out their birthdays so you can send them a coupon for a discounted session.

Offer Special Classes

While you’ll have your core classes year-round, consider offering specialty classes if there is interest and demand for it. For example: SUP yoga is very popular right now, and classes could be held in a local body of water or an indoor pool depending upon weather conditions.

Keep Beginner Classes Your Foundation

While you may branch out to offer specialty classes, remember to stick to your roots as well. There will always be newcomers to yoga in the community, so keep a core offering of quality basic, beginner and/or gentle yoga classes on the roster.

Implement Yoga Studio Software

Yoga studio software can help you to take your yoga business to the next level smoothly and seamlessly. From fast check-in to sales and payments, you’ll be ready to grow as big as you’re destined to be. Contact us for more information about yoga studio software.

Email Templates ready to send Today

Karmasoft’s email templates are part of the new inbound marketing workflows, helping you get and retain more students – automatically.

Simply cut and paste these email templates into Karmasoft’s marketing workflows.

Subject line: You deserve something special

Thanks for your interest in [YOUR STUDIO NAME]

We hope you found what you were looking for.

As a special thanks, we’d like to offer you a FREE gift: [YOUR OFFER HERE, for example:] Visit us within the next 7 days for 15% off any membership

Fine Print: bring this email with the coupon code below to get 15% off any membership.

Click <a href=&#8221;https://YOUR_SUB_DOMAIN.karmasoftonline.com/schedule&#8221;> here </a9gt;

for the full class schedule.


Best regards, YOUR_NAME

Note: to decide what your free gift should be, think about your ultimate goal. Do you want to get students in your door? If so, offer them a free class or discounts on memberships. Do you want to get students signed up for your blog/newsletters? Then offer them free content (white papers, yoga videos, or other valuable info to peak their interest).

Subject line: Your Voice Matters

Thanks for visiting our yoga studio, we were delighted to have you in class.

Your voice is important to us, and we’d like to offer you something special for your feedback. Answer below for your FREE gift.

Would you recommend [YOUR STUDIO NAME] to a friend?

<a href=“LINK TO YOUR YES SURVEY PAGE” >YES9lt;/a9gt;

<a href=“LINK TO YOUR NO SURVEY PAGE” >NO9lt;/a9gt;

Thanks for your time,


NOTE: Add a call-to-action at the end of your emails, so students can learn more about your studio, just like ours: Click HERE for more email marketing tips

Subject Line: We Miss You

Thanks again for visiting [YOUR STUDIO NAME]

We haven’t seen you in a while&#8230;is it us?

-I loved the experience, but&#8230;[LINK TO YOUR SURVEY]

-This wasn’t for me, and here’s why&#8230;[LINK TO YOUR SURVEY]

If you’ll have us, we’d love to welcome you back with a special offer: [YOUR OFFER HERE]


Three Tips for Attracting New Customers to Your Yoga Studio

KarmasoftYoga has gained in popularity over the past few years and more yoga studios are opening to meet the demand. This means more competition for your business. In order to gain new customers, your business has to stand out from the rest. Below are a few ways to attract new customers to your yoga studio.

Place Key Information On Your Website

If you don&#8217;t have a website for your business, it is imperative that you have one created. Potential customers will check your website for important information such as the types of classes offered, pricing, instructors, and more. Your website also provides the opportunity for you to highlight key features of your yoga studio. Be sure to mention the types of classes which are available and who they are for (beginners, intermediate, or advanced). Add your instructor profiles and place details about their teaching style, yoga background, and any certifications they hold.

Offer Pre-Booking for Classes

Utilize yoga studio software to let customers pre-book classes online. This specialized software will let customers book classes and pay for them immediately. This is a great feature to offer since many yoga classes can get full quickly. Customers will appreciate being able to reserve a spot in their desired class at a time that fits their schedule.

Market Your Business Online

Another plus to using yoga studio software is that it allows you to connect with users via email and social networking. You can send broadcast emails with upcoming events or special promotions such as discounts for new students. Promote your studio on social media by offering incentives such as a free class for liking your Facebook page or retweeting your post on Twitter.

It is also important to obtain client feedback. Ask your current clients what changes they would like implemented. Maybe they would prefer more classes offered at more convenient times. You can send out surveys to your subscriber list to find out this type of information.

As competition increases for your business, you can still obtain new customers through consistent marketing efforts. Keep your website updated with important information and make it convenient for customers to pre-book classes.

Contact Us today to learn how our yoga studio software can help you sell more classes.

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