Karma vision

karma vision

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Forefathers of lo-fi television and junk food themed Rock, Karma Vision saw the future as a burnt out, acid washed past. The trip is never bad though, in fact, it’s never been better. They’ve realized a dream with colors so saturated and beautifully bold that the last stitches of reality are pulled and what has mended beneath is the hopeful, childlike mind sugar coating the bitterness of growth. Within their outpouring of vibrant energy there exists a dynamism and true sense of craft that most wouldn’t associate with a party. Their newest release “Somewhere New” is perhaps the best representation of this ideal to date, and suggests a growing even through that bitter taste.

"Wonderfully psyched-out pop full of euphoria and positive energy coming to you straight out of Lawrence, Kansas [. ] Pizza Power is an eight-track psych candy that's shining all colors of the rainbow" - No Fear of Pop on Pizza Power

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