Karma unlimited

$50 Unlimited Data Plan From Karma

Karma unlimitedThe modern day road warrior will obviously appreciate the fact that their mobile devices are fully charged to meet the day’s challenges ahead, not to mention remaining connected at all times through them. Unfortunately, generous mobile data plans can be rather difficult to hunt down, and Karma intends to target those heavy users with their latest Neverstop plan. With Neverstop, you will be able to enjoy unlimited data for $50 each month, and this plan will be available sans a contract, now how about that to enhance its appeal?

Karma hoped that this data plan will target those who have continued to see a constant increase in their data usage as time passed by. It is not meant to replace the older plans which follow a PAYG (pay-as-you-go) model, but rather, be an alternative for a totally different user demographic. Even better yet is the ability to switch between the two plans at any point in time. Doing so is a snap – just cancel your Neverstop subscription in the Karma mobile app, and voila, an automatic switch to Refuel happens when you hit the most recent payment period.

Neverstop will enable up to a trio of devices to enjoy unlimited data at 5 Mbps, which frankly speaking, is more than enough for majority of the stuff that happens on the Internet, unless you are involved in constantly large file transfers and need to get that done in double quick time. [Press Release]

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