Nfcu mortgage rate

Looking for best Mortgage rate/option Navy Federal NFCU??

Nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

seller concessions up to 4% allowed

0.25% pt and 0.75% originaltion fee.

at (Drum Roll) 6.375%

That rate seems like something only for certain people. I know credit score is critical, which I'ma round 750.

plus the 0.5% rate diff which is around 40 a month more.

nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

Navy Federal Credit Union Mortgage Rates

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Nfcu mortgage rate

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Nfcu mortgage rate

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Nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

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Nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

Nfcu mortgage rate

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Navy Federal Credit Union is an armed forces bank serving the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans, DoD and their families.

Boat, Motorcycle and RV Loan Rates. Certificates Rates. Checking Account Rates

Navy Federal Credit Union Overview. Navy Federal Credit Union or abbreviated NCFU is a major credit union in the United States. It offers typical banking services and .

Navy FCU is a Virginia-based federal credit union serving millions of members who are, or are related to, service members and employees with the Department of.

Navy Federal Credit Union had humble beginnings in 1933 as a credit union for members of the Navy who were also part of the Federal Employees Union. Navy Federal has .

Navy Federal Credit Union - Read unbiased reviews of Navy Federal Credit Union, rated 3.5 out of 5 stars by 332 users

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Not a Cookie Cutter Mortgage Lender. Personal Service. Low rates. No origination fee - Apply by Sept. 30th

My son's account was set up by my wife and me when he was a minor. Our Social Security numbers were required on his account as a result. He subsequently .

nfcu mortgage rate

So I called up to NFCU to see what kind of information I can gather form them, as I hear that peopole arre told conflicting stuff all the time. -_____-

Spoke to a woman named Janice about their Homebuyers Choice program -- 100% Financing. She said that they lowered their regulations from "only accepting people w/ excellent credit" to " accepting people with good to very good credit". I told her that I THINK my mid-score is 680 (my TU score last week). She said that they qualifies as god to very good. And after talking a ling while with her about my income, my current DTI, my job situation, etc. She said that we were "perfect candidates" for this program.

She said that their requirements include : 1 year of clean credit history (no lates), all collections/chargeoffs must be paid off, and our lowest middle must be within the good to very good range.

The base rate is 4.125% 1% origination .75% points. And highest is 4.5% Int, 0% Origination fee, w/ .25% points. There is no PMI, but there is a 1.75% Funding fee due at closing. You can pay this fee, ask the seller to pay it, or waive it for a .375% increase in your interest rate. They don't require a home inspection, but suggest it. They are weaiving pre-approval application fees. They dont work with brokers.

For this loan, they require the last 2 yrs of W-2s, 1 mointh of pay stubs, and 2 months of bank statements. The also are currently offering up to $2500 in closing costs, assuming that ur closing cost are more than that, u will ge tthe full amount, but it cannot cover the Taxes Insurance paid at closing.

I still dont know who we are going with and I would still very much like to find a broker and see what deals can be found. we'll see.

NFCU prequalified us for $260,550 with our income, DTI, and guesstimated credit scores. No HP. From what I read tho, these are worth nothing, so I will continue to shop around.

Starting Score: 526 EXP 09/2012 600 FICO 10/2012 608 EX (lenderpull)11/2012 Current Score: 705 FICO TU (10/2014)Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

DB:3.19:Just Talked To Nfcu Mortgage Dept. jz

Well I hope it works out! I'm jealous cause the payment with the NFCU 100% was like almost 400 less than my payment will be with the FHA. I had opted to roll in all of Navy's fees into the loan for the interest rate increase and even with that the payment for a 405k house was like 2.1k . with the FHA I'm doing its 2,430 a month for a 380k loan. The program is really sweet if you can get through their hoops.

I have a 50k auto loan with Navy, a 50k credit limit on my cash rewards card, a 15k limit on a NavChek and I direct deposit with them and have gotten and paid off loans with them over the years. I thought for sure they were gonna work with me. I was really shocked. Oh well.

DB:2.98:Boa Cashrewards Recon - Approved! pd

As some of you have seen, I did an app spree a week or so ago. Well, I decided to go ahead and call BoA (recon dept) on the backdoor page. I spoke with a nice guy who really sounded like he cared about what was going on in my report (a few lates, said AAoA was a little low, etc). After explaining, we talked some more, he said he'd come back after he finished his review. When he came back, he said he was going to approve it for $5,000.00 so I could have the Visa Signature card as well.

Pretty excited about this, just hope Barclays doesn't get too mad at me

Recons work. Do them.

Chase Freedom $2,000.00 / Barclays Carnival WMC $3,500.00 / CareCredit $7,000.00 / NFCU goRewards $5,000.00 / NFCU Flashship Rewards Visa Signature $5,000.00 / NavCheck $9,000.00 / CapOne QuickSilver $1,500.00 / Express $500.00 / Victoria's Secret $500.00 / Kay Jewlers $2,000.00 / Buckle $250.00 / CreditOne $1450.00 / Dell $1,500.00 / NFM $3,000.00Total CL Combined: 40K

DB:2.98:Boa Cashrewards Recon - Approved! pd

I just found out yesterday that a 40 year mortgage exists. I must have had my head under a rock.

Anyone have a 40 year mortgage??

Other than being able to afford more house and have lower payments, what are the pros and cons of a 40 year mortgage??

Homeowner Again as of July 17, 2014. Thanks NFCUFICOs EQ - 670/EX - 702/TU - 696Cap1 Q1 $3,500 / Cred 1 $1,675 / 1st Natl $2k / Kohl's $2,500 / Barclay Rew $2,150 / Barclay SM MC $4,800 / NFCU Visa Sig Cash Rew $17k / Lowes $7,800 / Best Buy $3k / NFCU LOC $15k / Walmart MC $1,200

yeah, they were a bad deal.

* While I try to visit the forum often, please feel free to contact me directly with a link to your post if I fail to answer a follow up question.* Lending across the entire 'Great State of Texas' since 2004

DB:2.88:Navy Federal Credit Union - What Are The Chances? mf

I wanted to ask a question regarding the possibility of my being approved for a Mortgage Loan from Navy Federal Credit Union. I've only been a member for 1 month, but I plan to purchase a new home in August/September '09. At that time I will have been a member for approximately 5 months. Anyone know if there is any stipulation or requirement on length of membership before NFCU will lend to its members?

Just a littlehistory:

EquifaxFICO - 708 (haven't pulled TU and have no idea of where to even get Exp.)

Annual Salary $73,100

Student Loans - $280/mo

MasterCardCreditLimit $1,250/Balance is $212 (payment $20/mo)

Sears Credit Limit $2,500/Balance is $190 (payment $10/mo)

When I do go to purchase a new home, I'm hoping to get my FICO Score up to 720.

I currently own a home which will be on the market in a few days.I anticipatenetting roughly 10% to be used as a downpayment for my future home.

Anyone know what my odds might be in getting a loan through NFCU?

P.S. I joined NFCU to take advantage of one of their no PMI loan products.

DB:2.88:Navy Federal Credit Union - What Are The Chances? mf

One more question please. Does anyone know what DTI ratio NFCU uses their Conventional Loans?

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