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New car buying forumNew car buying forumNew car buying forum New car buying forum

The thing is that there is one showroom car that I like, and the options are OK, and the price after a discount I got offered is quite a long way from sticker price so it makes it quite an attractive deal.

I checked the car's VIN and it was produced past November, so it could be sitting about 6 months on the dealer floor. Maybe it's the color, or maybe it's because people would prefer ordering one to their liking, but for whatever reason it hasn't moved so far.

So could I argue for a better discount?

I was thinking I was getting a good deal and then I saw the advertised price and I felt I should either push for a (further) discount, or for the dealer to throw in a set of winter tires on rims or sth.

Also the car's battery was probably dead, because the key was inside the car, and was not working so I couldn't even check the boot since it wouldn't open. Other possibility was that it was in some sort of power saving mode, but it should be able to lock/unlock, right? It's not really a concern since the car is new and will have guarantee so who cares, but it goes to show that the car has been sitting for a while I think.

The discount I got offered comes from a swiss bonus kind of thing which I guess is a left over from the CHF/EUR movements last year, and a good one on top of that as an employee of my company.

The only rationale, beyond the dealer taking the piss, is that they can only apply such discounts on sticker price, and not on top of already reduced prices they might have for showroom cars.

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