Consumer Reports slams the Fisker Karma saying it’s “plagued with flaws”

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I think most people knew back in March that Consumer Reports’ review of the Fisker Karma wasn’t going to go well. Consumer Reports ordered up its most expensive car ever for review at over $107,000, and the vehicle broke down before Consumer Reports had finished checking it into its fleet. That initial flaw was foreshadowing for what was to come when the vehicle returned.

Consumer Reports has now published its official review of the Fisker Karma and slammed the car saying that the vehicle is “plagued with flaws.” The reviewers complained that the vehicle has tight confines and limited visibility. Reviewers also complained that the touchscreen system in the car was poorly designed and that the dash controls were an economic disaster.

Fisker isn’t the first automaker to land in hot water with reviewers and consumers over difficult to use dash controls and touchscreens. Ford has had its share issues with its infotainment systems. Consumer Reports does note that the vehicle has “sound” ride, handling, and braking performance. The publication also lauded the first-class interior materials.

However, Consumer Reports’ Jake Fisher, the director of the publication’s Auto Test Center, said that the bad points outweighed the good with the vehicle. It’s also worth noting that Consumer Reports says its engineers noticed continuing intermittent glitches related to gauges, power windows, warning lights, and the radio since Fisker replaced the battery packs of the Karma in a recall earlier this year.

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September 1, 2017 by wiesel

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