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My Victoria Dentist: “Treat People Well and Do Excellent Dentistry”

The driving philosophy of our practice is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We use the latest technology and invest in the best ongoing training to provide state of the art care. Our comprehensive dental services focus on four key areas of oral health: the mechanical state of your teeth, the health and function of the jaw joint, the health of the gums and bone, and the aesthetics of your smile.

My victoria

A Comprehensive Approach to Dental Care

The traditional model of dentistry is reparative: a problem is identified and then repaired. Unfortunately, because we only have one set of adult teeth, this is often a more invasive approach long-term than is necessary. At our practice we prefer a different approach: we identify risk factors and take steps to minimize them. The best dentistry is preventing a problem, rather than repairing an avoidable situation. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and excessive wear are situations that cannot always be avoided, but by taking the right steps, the effects of these diseases can be reduced.

We Provide Excellence in General Dentistry in Victoria

Due to the cutting-edge training undertaken by our dentists, we provide general dentistry services as well as many advanced procedures that are traditionally limited to specialists. Our services include:

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