My real karma

Does Karma really exist in relationships?

My real karma

My real karmaDoes Karma really exist in relationships?

My real karma

ruby19 said: 01-01-2007 09:14 PM

My real karma

My real karma

My real karma

My real karma

My real karma

Rob_85 said: 01-05-2007 08:23 PM

My real karma

My real karma

if you believe them then you give them power over you

giult tends to be the out come and as such hides in wait to coloer our sight as we move throw life.

Selfishness and Giult each sides of us the good and the bad us, and aways we seek one other the

other when in truth we are always there in the center, living each moment, doing each act,

ask yourself this dos Karma giude your hand as the knife falls or dos it just keep count of the cuts,

to me they there are just acts and events and its what we who make and keep Karma.

My real karma

I LEARNED THE HARD WAY MY POST ON THESE FORUMS ARE OVER Don't ever go back to ex, it's nothing but heartache, I know after a break up you want them

So, me and this guy went out for about half a year. It was kind of intense: I was very much in love, and he wasn't really. Actually, he was dating

Hi all, just a random question -- I am super happily married, and my ex seems happily committed to a lovely lady. He and I aren't really friends

Hi, so I'm so super upset, and I don't know what to do because it feels like I'm dying. I dated a guy for 8 months after I got out of the worst

We were together 3 years. She broke up with me because I took her for granted and got complacent in the last half year. I was selfish and she had had

So another quick rant. My ex I dated for four years still views my on Instagram. I don't see a point to block cause I don't care. I just moved to

Ok so me and my ex had known each other for years but once we started hanging out one on one we realized that we have so much in common and plenty of

I need some help and advice please but before I continue please don't tell me the truth will set me free the truth is not an option it really isn't

So, my husband and I had an argument tonight. It started over whether or not I should dye my hair blonde--with my complexion, it would not be

Hi All, I am new here so please bare with me. Just to give you a background on my relationship. i have been with my OH for nine years. We were

So ever since the ecplise. Ive been feeling very unmotivated and tired. Ive also lost my appetite as well. I heard of the internet other people have

My girlfriend tells me she will be home shortly after me. About a little more than 30 minutes goes by after I am home and she texts me saying she's

So three weeks ago my roommate and her boyfriend got a puppy (lab cross) they asked me if I'm fine with it staying here every once in a while and I

my BF of 3 months/90 days broke up with me on August 14. I tried to invite him to meet me in my city in April before the break up. He broke up with

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