Karma never stop review

VA - Never Stop Dreaming Vol 1 Dreaming Chill Tunes (2015)

Karma never stop review

Title Of Album: Never Stop Dreaming Vol 1 Dreaming Chill Tunes

Year Of Release: 2015

Label: Karma Elements

Genre: Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge

Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps Stereo

Total Time: 01:59:07

Total Size: 276,32 MB

01. Roman - Intro

02. Alex Naevecke - Summerlove

03. Wav-E - Dream Beach

04. Marga Sol - Say My Name - Marga Sol's Chill Mix

Karma Launched Pulse Service Plans, Discontinued Its Neverstop Unlimited Plan

by admin · Published February 19, 2016

Karma never stop reviewMobile broadband MVNO Karma Mobility that operates on Sprint network has announced on its blog that they have discontinued the $50 Neverstop Unlimited plan. The Neverstop plan has become unsustainable and therefore Karma launched Pulse service plans to replace Neverstop.

Karma launched Neverstop service in November 2015. At the time, the plan offered unlimited LTE data (limited to 5 Mbps) for $50 per month. However, very quickly after that, the usage of LTE data was abused by some users so Karma tried with different measures to prevent the overuse: limiting the number of devices that can be connected, throttling data speeds to 1.5Mbps, bringing back 5 Mbps speeds but capped usage at 15GB per month, which all together made users frustrated:

“We tried to make Neverstop work by regulating the number of devices you could connect, limiting speeds to 5Mbps, and most recently, capping usage at 15GB per month. None of these changes made Neverstop sustainable at $50 a month, and most importantly, they all degraded the experience for customers. The time isn’t right for this service. We like to dream big, but this time we went too big. Karma is a young company, and we want to focus on what we can do well. No fine print. No contracts. Seamless access.” – says in a Karma Mobility blog post.

So, Karma launched Pulse service plans that offer three options instead of one from which users can choose according to their needs. The new Karma Pulse plans offer:

  • $40 per month – 5GB of mobile broadband
  • $75 per month – 10GB of mobile broadband
  • $140 per month – 20GB of mobile broadband

Pulse service plans are not throttled. The speeds go from 6-8 Mbps, with peaks of up to 25 Mbps. Also, customers can connect up to 8 devices instead of only 3 with Neverstop plan. Data add-on is also available, 1GB of data for $15. If data on add-on is not used, Karma will refund the difference.

Neverstop plan users can keep the service until the next billing cycle. After that, they will be automatically switched to $40/5GB plan if they don’t choose the plan by themselves by then. If they select one of the new plans, the new service will start when service on Neverstop ends so they won’t lose anything. Customers can also choose to cancel their subscription and transfer to pay-as-you-go plan.

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