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Are you searching for Kay Jewelers customer service phone number and facing issues on kay jewelers credit card, shipping or billing or any issues, you can find here latest updated 1800 toll free phone number of Kay Jewelers customer working which has very short wait time and working 24*7 . For your convenience we have also listed its website link, support email, corporate office headquarter address and other important contact information of Kay.

Kay Jewelers, headquartered in Ohio, United states and a subsidiary Sterling Jewelers, is an american jewelry company which sells many ornamental products like wedding rings, diamond jewelry, gold ornaments, titanium, quartz, ear rings, engagement rings, garnet, ruby, bridal sets, silver accessories and jewelers etc to its customers. It has stores in more than 47 states in united states and has more than 1500 strores all across USA. it is now considered as one of the biggest jewelry company in the USA. one good thing about this company is that you can custom order any products from other manufacturer or designer as well like the leo diamond, side diamond etc. In its inventory it has wide ranges of jewelry brands including Aristry Diamonds, Debeers, Charmed Memories, Open hearts etc. Customer can order whatever product they wanted online and its very secured and safe.

kay jewelers phone number is 1 800 527 8029

Mon. – Fri. 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM ET

Saturday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM ET

Sunday 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM ET

Corporate Headquarter Office Address

Sterling Jewelers, Inc.

Fairlawn, OH 44333-4600 USA.

If you have any questions on shipping and billing, ordering online, return, damaged products, credit card, refund, please call the above number for getting help.

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They had been paid for for several years why is it showing up on my credit.

Simply wanted my wedding ring sized from a 6 to a 5 3/4. Routine procedure. Nope. Two weeks later, go to pick it up, it’s sized at 5 1/4! Send it back. Comes back with a huge gouge out of the band and the band was thinned to half of the width! Sent it back. Two weeks later, which was yesterday, they tell me it’s damaged beyond repair! WTH. Who does that. They also informed me that it is not made anymore. Not even a phone call telling me what was going on. Unbelievable!

I have almost the same problem as we speak and I’m in tears. Please tell me what you plan on doing with your ring now? I don’t know what to do…

I’m sorry to say I will no longer be buying anything from Kay jeweler as gain . I have spent thousands of dollars with y’all. And I had a really bad ring from the Sophia collections which they now removed from the Houma la store. But yet they wanna give me a ring just like the one I had that lost diamonds 4 times in a lil more than a year. I don’t understand why they couldn’t give me a store credit instead of giving me a ring that they said was pulled out because of the problems they had with this line. I would really like answers or I guess my business wasn’t needed there . Thanks, Priscilla

We upgraded my wife’s diamond and as a result

it had to be resized. (too munch spinning ) . We left the ring for two weeks and it came back with rough edges

in the band. The staff took it to be repaired and

when it came back this time the diamond was

crocked. It is starting to look like the pride and

craftsmanship of your jewlers is poor. We have been working with the Burnsville Minnesota store. My

wife is getting very upset. Would like the ring fixed

correctly in a timely fashion. The ring is under my wife’s name, Theresa Anderson

I am completely dissatisfied with Kay Jewelers in River City in Jacksonville, FL. If your purchasing something they are all nice and helpful but when you have a problem they are rude and unhelpful. My mother and I walked in today to pick up my watch, which literally took them 10 times and a year and a half to fix correctly. We also had to clear up the interest on her account because they were billing her interest and she was told when she purchased the watch that she would have 12 months interest free. The associate was extremely rude and said well the 2nd lady didn’t tell you that so that’s why you are getting charged. Okay, what does that have to do with the salesperson that we initially spoke to? He was unhelpful and basically covering up what was promised. He had to walk out because he got that frustrated with me. I’m appalled at how we were treated. I raised my voice because he wasn’t helping me and was absurd in what he was saying.Also, when we walked in no one helped us., one lady was busy and said someone would be with us shortly. There were 5 other associates that just stood around and didn’t offer any help. We waited several minutes before anyone finally came over. Another lady ended up assisting us. It literally took one phone call to get the problem resolved.? I’ve never been treated with so much disrespect and unwilling to actually speak to a customer helpfully. You are in the customer service industry and this was by far the worst encounter I’ve had. But I’ve been in there before and have had issues with them helping me. My Movado watch literally took a year and a half in their possession to get it right. I would not recommend this store to anyone and will definitely not be making any further purchases from kay Jewelers based on our experiences.We have a very healthy credit limit of $8,000 with them and they are losing us as customers. Obviously they don’t need any customers because how unhelpful they were and how we were treated.

In August my husband surprised me with a wedding ring set for our 50th wedding anniversary. For years I had worn a simple band. He had gone to Kay’s and picked it out himself. When we returned from our 50 th anniversary trip we went to Kay’s at Firewheel Town Center in Garland TX,to get it sized. They sent it off adding 2 gold bumps to allow a larger size ring to fit over my knuckle . It came back really large. They then added more gold to the bumps, charging me for it. Still doesn’t work. The manager then took it over to the main store and got it back, still not working. The ladies there only came up with suggestions that were very expensive. I went to Walmart as they suggested.,and bought rubber piece to put on the back. Still not a great fit and feels big and clumpy. I am lost as what to do. They gave up and so did I. So after 50 years I get a ring from my beloved husband and can’t enjoy the fit always feeling the bulky back. We are Seniors and didn’t know Kay’s would only have out of sight cost to get my beautiful ring to fit.

Please be very careful to know your ring will glide over your knuckle and fit . If not it can be quite expensive after your ring purchase.

KAY at chicago Ridge Mall is b.s.// Purchased a ring in January 2017 & (sales lady) lied about the (size of the ring) to make a sell. Went bak later to request to see acring sizer put on ring, Ring was too small and Finger now busted now cant wear ring was too small. Sales Lady was very opinionated about what she wud or wud not do wen i was trying to choose a ring on day of sale and saying who shud pay for the purchase, WTF -nobody asked her opinion and constant input. Very negative experience, had nitemares.Want to return thering bcuz of the deceptiveness on size erc.

I will never buy another ring from Kay Jewelers again. 4 months after getting married the main diamond fell out and had to send it in. They said it would be 4-6 weeks. On the 5th week I called customer care just to check on the status and they told me they cannot get ahold of that department and would have to call me back in 24 -48 hours because that department is not answering their phone. That is unacceptable to me. the most frustrating thing is in the year and a half I’ve had this ring this is the third time I have had to have it sent out and it has taken 4-6 weeks each time. I might feel different about this whole process if the customer service at corporate level was as good. I just work retail and have never had this horrible of customer service.

So long Kay Jewelers. We have several other options to buy our jewelry at.

My husband upgraded my wedding set and purchased 3/4 diamond wedding set. Looked online the next day and the ring alone was on sale for $1199.50. He paid $2399. 99 for the set! Went back to the store with screen shots of the EXACT same ring which i looked up using the sku number from MY receipt and had the EXACT SAME description but because the sku wasn’t in my screenshot, they wouldn’t honor the online price! They will never get another dime from either of us!

We purchased our wedding ring from Kay’s and 2 years later we purchased a larger diamond at Kays and had them set the diamond in the middle. Once a year for the last 4 years the diamond has become loose and has had to be sent in for repair. The last time it became loose they added 4 prongs, within 4 months a prong broke and it was sent in again. The ring came back with 1 prong completely different than the other 3. They fixed the broken prong but did not match it to the other 3. We sent it back and 2 1/2 weeks later it came with with the same issue and customer service had the guts to say “well you can barely tell it’s different unless you look from this angle.” So now I have to return to Kay’s when a repair manager is in and have my ring sent back again. Completely dissatisfied and disappointed. i would never recommend Kays or purchase another item from them. Awful!

Kay Jewelers / Sterling Jewelers Customer Care Service

United States - 44333

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Kay jewelers 800 number

Kay jewelers 800 number

Kay jewelers 800 number

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