The beginning of a car's life is large, colorful and gaudy. Advertisements, beautiful women with little food or just the classic family with mother, father, child, who take their new car in reception. That both the family and the family car buying are becoming increasingly rare. Okay, another topic for another day.


But to these things it should not go. No grinning seller, no PDC and DPF. No joyfully radiant children romp through the new car, no smell of new leather. No beautiful glass palaces, powerful engines and hot sausage buffet with friendly brochure handover. No freebies, invitations to test drive and cryptic type shortcuts.


This blog leads them nowhere. Nothing.


This blog leads out of the city. He cites federal and thoroughfares. Muddy side streets with important-sounding or just cryptic names. not strayed to places to which the above-mentioned family guarantees toward. Wherever one travels quickly turn over and she does not perceive, let alone want to perceive the.


Where not a nice Mr. Doe in the suit sets the lumbar spine and explained but which grow through thistles under the fence and the tires gradually lose their air. Somewhere between or in one of those industrial areas that exist on all and look the same everywhere.


Where you find a 45HP Corsa B with spalling paint and faded sale sign. Squeezed between a couple of garbage cans and empty oil drums, as if he had never been a new car to which someone was happy. Where the sprinters live with the wheel arches eroded. Wherever Papas lands gewienerter pride when he consumed the 150 or 200,000 KM.


And of course, the end of all things. The junkyard. Whether large or small, as man in the cemetery, so ends up there at some point one times every car. This places it is necessary to explore and express are vehicles of special interest that you otherwise never look at and consider.


Mazda 626, Opel Tigra, Ford Sierra and focus with faded headlights. Toyota Tercel so you can still find him to and Toyota Corolla. Old heroes from long ago. Mercedes, BMW, unless absolutely must, but you will also find elsewhere. Since you are looking for such cars, after a great sheet and new cars condition. Please moves on, for you there is nothing to see here.


But who dares to step into the back rows of zugewuchertsten used car yards, only one of the last Kadett E Caravan to find. Who a KA Lufthansa Edition bravely takes to feel the rust in the sills, who gives the last rites a ölsiffenden R19 or who knows the difference between a '92 and a '95 Fiesta. This is the place.


And in the sense this should also not be the place for the great buying guides that you get elsewhere. This is more by about the little trouble between. The caliper can no longer purely express themselves, the indicators do not want to loose and everything else accrue on maintenance issues for the modern workshops just have long been too bad. No car should die just because a screw can not be solved or a replacement part is undetectable.


So. Those willing to explore the world of automotive shade. Who crawls on car cemeteries to the last slaughtering object, who is not afraid of oil sludge, brackish cooling water, hanging sky and blind headlights. He should find a forum and like-minded people here.


Paint pussies, new car buyers, women and men of the cryptic type shortcuts, people with fear of dirt and debris, and everyone else will find either now or later their luck. For you there are enough newspapers, forums, departments, meetings and clubs. This here is the corner of what is you and generally uncool.

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