“What is last price?”

Anyone who has already once sold a car will have been confronted with this set that can one encounter in all possible variations:


"What is last price?" or sometimes formal "How far would you go down?"


Usually it is the second sentence which is spoken by the opposite on the phone, right after "If the / the / the car still there?"


I think it's an insult, because acting is my understanding mutual approaching a way incompatible price. If I an offer with the addition VB spend, then this is my first offer, regardless of whether I einrechne a room for negotiation or not. Otherwise I would have fixed price written and even then it would be an insult to ask right after the "last price". That then my offer is simply regarded as void annoys me quite. I expect at least a concrete counter offer from the buyer!


Yes, may be that the first-world problems, but this bad habit takes so apparently around. This morning I got the request via SMS, which in eBay Classifieds OFFERED iPhone is my Last price with one. My standard answer was that I have already mentioned the price in the ad. The answer was "But VB".


How do you deal with such abuses? Or you defended this as a buyer even to push for money?

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