How long does a car battery ??

Hi Guys,

have experienced a little surprise today. All began so on that can be the temperature of the air conditioning control bad. That's why I decided me to look at the internal temperature sensor incl. Motor again and zuprüfen to function. That was OK. then the idea came to me the error codes of the Climate read using a Selbstestanleitung here from the net. So far so good. As the test showed me the "Error 1676 = Supply voltage out of tolerance" to. The complete self-diagnosis of the air, however, was free of errors. Well I thought that there was still time traveling but fast times to your garage and let the popped the Diagnaosegerät.

When starting the engine then the surprise, both displays (speedometer / SPEED.) Struck once throughout. Nanu I've seen that! damn battery

After three attempts to start we went towards workshop. The Master hung also be equal to the battery meter and what should I tell you, when starting the voltage dropped to 6V. Although the engine started but there was again this queasy feeling, how long probably still?

Now we looked for a clue how old the battery is well and were successful on the negative terminal. 02 02 standing there. I could not believe there should the battery be 9 years old it? Then there would be even the first. Property me a precaution ordered a new, according to ADAC battery test 2011

http: // ...?

should be good, the Exide Premium. For my model / engine it would be the Exide Premium EA602 for about € 100.00.

Well, that then still before Christmas, damn it. Gifts are still aussehn different.


But that has been also experiencing determines so many of you?


Nevertheless, a Merry Christmas and many gifts. Thanks for reading and take part.

Greeting Reaven145

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