Shotgun (The rules)



shotgun has a long tradition. It goes back .. in the time of the American Wild West



The name of the passenger seat comes from the American "Wild" West. In addition to the railroad there was only the stagecoach as transport. Stagecoaches were also good transport for funds (such as money boxes or other valuable goods). In this time of lawlessness and hostility, protection was necessary. For this, usually an extra man was needed then sat next to the driver. This driver was armed with a shotgun. This was known as shotgun-drive. Since that time, the passenger seat is called a shotgun.

Here are the official rules to the famous "shotgun saying"


1. The Shotgunner does not have clearly within sight of the car be, whether the driver is present or not.

2. If you are the first to be picked up, you get automatic shotgun. This position you keep for the entire trip, as long as you do not violate rules 12, 17, 23 or any other rules requiring the loss of shotgun.

3. You can not log shotgun once someone else has declared shotgun for the ride.

4. If shotgun is called simultaneously, the shotgun, which reaches first the passenger door gets.

5. Shotgun can not be called in a building (as long as it is not a park!).

6. Shotgun can only be called on the way to the car.

7. After shotgun was called, the driver has the opportunity to request a reload. The driver calls reload and have all been proclaimed shotguns invalid and the one who gets the first back shotgun, gets the seat. This is very helpful if the driver can not really suffer the person who has created the first shotgun. Also very useful if several people have called simultaneously shotgun and the driver is not sure who won. Note that a shotgun has only two cartridges; reload can therefore be called only once.

8. Bus rule ... In a bus Shotgun automatically applies to the rear seats.

9. Once was called shotgun, can now rear left and right are declared, so the slowest person sitting in the middle (called the. bitch-seat).

10. Since everyone was born equal, women and men have the same right to shotgun (ie: women do not have the automatic right to the front passenger seat -it unless the driver is clearly intent on what to do with Selbiger ...!).

11. When the driver too drunk or otherwise prevented from driving the car, it automatically has the right to shotgun.

12. After the trip has begun, the driver is the automatic operator of the radio. For what reasons he always wants to better concentrate on the road, these rights are automatically passed on to the Shotgunner. Any set of bad music or long breaks after the CD or iPod is over or to play any attempts Take That lead to an automatic banishment to the bitch-seat.

13. Each of the shotgun calls must wear shoes. This applies, in order to prevent the out run anyone without shoes, shotgun calls then reinzurennen again and to dress shoes and thus prolongs the journey unnecessary. This rule is known as the shoe rule.

14. Shotgun outweighs Dibs, Baggsies or any other girls calls.

(For example, rear left, rear right, women, not to open the door, etc.) 15. Despite any debates ... shotgun CAN for anything but the passenger seat called.

16. If a pair with the road is must either forward. No one wants to play chauffeur for a couple who swoops back over each other ...

17. If someone has called shotgun, he has an automatic right to the front passenger seat. He has no right to the driver any corrections navigation skills ( "I'd left here you turn idiot!") Or the driving style ( "I would use the third gear here.") Propose. If the passenger does, he automatically loses the status of Shotgunners.

18. When someone asks, "what's shotgun?" ... .. he must run.

19. When the Shotgunner opens the door while the driver just unlocks and thus automatically delays the unlocking because the driver finish first again and then has to catch up, it loses its Shotgunner position. This is known as a shotgun suicide.

20. The Shotgunner must be monitored at all times the ride and be attentive in order to offer the driver the necessary Entertainment and follow all the rules to.

21. The Shotgunner is responsible for all openable doors, asked questions through to Wegnehm version. He / she is throwing the copilot and therefore also the enforcer of behavior in the car and exporter of punches / spray / water bag ...

22. "Couple law of 1997". This right means when the friend / girlfriend mitfährt, he / she free choice of seats.

23. If someone is fellow dressed as a pirate, he is automatically shotgun. If there is more than one pirate, a swordfight must be performed. This is known as Pirates Rule.

24. If one drives past a woman who leads walking their dog just must always open the window and shout out "who is leading whom here walk?". If the Shotgunner neglected his responsibility to spy on potential victims early on, which automatically leads to exile on the bitch-seat.

25. If you are traveling in a 2- or 3-door, it is for the Shotgunner to allow the other passengers to boarding - NOT THE DRIVER! No matter what the weather is outside.

26. It is also the duty of the Shotgunners to keep view to all police and video cameras at the roadside. If the Shotgunner not see a camera or speed camera and the driver is filmed or flashed, it is automatically the fault of the Shotgunners!

27. Although the previous rules did not expressly regulated, what happens if someone comes up with a new rule that is better than the shotgun rules ... NOTHING is better than the shotgun rules. Shotgun is and remains the last word!

Who of you knows this game and who turns it on?


So long.

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