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today I want to talk about a (famous) person of RTL2, namely Det Müller.


grip-det-muellergrip-det-Mueller was born on August 10, 1970 in Cloppenburg, he is now 42 years old and made his first driving experience with five years on the Ketcar because you could drift only in winter so the car was early converted to motor operation. And since that time, he packed the car virus and not been released. Even with 18 years of mechanical engineers was a fixture in the northern German car scene, because then as now matters to him only: old chassis, big engine and whopping tires.

His talent for television was discovered "The Grease Monkey" on RTL II in 2004 in the series and has since been to see when it comes to buying a car road tests, stunts and conversions in different formats. Since the beginning of 2008, it stands at GRIP, among others, as an expert on classic cars with ideas, advice and tips on camera.



claims he can release as none, e.g .:


All inclu, even the rust ...

Ne correct flatulence and you do not need Popo heating more ...

What's here is fully equipped: leather, navigation, Schiebdedach .... The lack everything here ...



So now a few more information on RTL2 series "Grip": Since 2007 a week (Sunday night at 19:00) broadcast, usually consists of three parts:

# Creme de la Chrome: presentation of a new sports car

# Second hand: A used car search with Det Müller

# And a documentary.

Moderation is taken over by Matthias Malmedie, Detlef "Det" Müller, Helge Thomsen, Nikolaus "Niki" clamp. Each has its specialties, Det makes, for example, looking for used cars or Matthias Malmedie is expensive, fast cars on the limit. The series is very popular among car-crazy and is usually "The Checker" or "PS pros" preferred by other stations.




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PS: I look like grip and regularly and also know of other users here, the regular reinziehen (for example, the 124-Power)

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