02317257820 – Forsa calls again



Dear motor Talker,

knows her, the above-mentioned number lights up on the display and the nice man has a few current issues and want to know who last had in your household birthday?

Today, for the second time. For me it is always running down to is that I do not know who now, because I do not know the birthday of my roommate, just know how old she is. And from the other I do not know either. So I can not answer satisfactorily the question.

"Then just not Well, bye." As the caller simply says it

Today, he calls again and has the same question ...


What do you think of such surveys? Is she ran at all if an unfamiliar number lights up and determines their always truthfully the last birth looking for?

Or are you just annoyed and immediately hangs up?


What I really wonder what is to testify the statistics, if only people are interviewed, who had in the summer and early autumn birthday? Are not children who were born in the winter completely different?

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