Karma go netflix

Cuban goes long on Netflix, sees takeover candidate

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Buy the dip? Mark Cuban is going long on Netflix.

The investor announced via Twitter Friday that he planned to buy the stock because of its low valuation. Cuban forecast that the company could become a target of a bigger media conglomerate.

Cuban currently owns more than 50,000 shares of the Internet stock and he said his plan is to "never sell it" as he sees unstoppable growth ahead.

"Relative to other media companies . it's just so far undervalued," Cuban said on CNBC's "Halftime Report" Friday.

For any of the major tech companies that have large market caps it's a no-brainer, he said, pointing to Google, Apple, Facebook and Verizon as examples.

Shares edged up from a session low of $341.50 after the announcement, but were still down around 2 percent.

Netflix reported earnings that were in line with Wall Street estimates, but shares plunged more than 25 percent as subscriber growth figures came in lower than expected.

Cuban is not worried about the firm's subpar subscriber growth figures. The results did not disappoint and everybody has had a disappointing growth number at some point, he said.

Karma go netflix

Netflix, which brands itself as "the world's leading Internet provider," has caused Hollywood movie-makers to rethink their traditional release models.

However, the company is facing more competition as traditional media providers like HBO and CBS look to enter the space and more Americans move toward cord cutting, canceling their pay-TV subscriptions.

"Netflix is the fulcrum for content in the country, if not the world, right now. . It's almost as if these other companies are going to be helping Netflix with their marketing," Cuban said. "You look at the competitors coming in and that's the best thing that could possibly happen."

S&P Capital IQ Analyst Tuna Amobi has a hold recommendation on the stock and says that he sees long-term growth for the company. However, he said there are concerns surrounding Netflix's domestic user growth, mainly because of higher prices, but he doesn't expect that to have a lasting impact.

"We've had a hold recommendation on Netflix for last few months as shares were factoring in rosy expectations for subscriber growth," Amobi said. He has a $450 price target on the stock.

Cersei Is Going to Meet With Some Savage Karma

Karma go netflix

[This article contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 7 "The Dragon and the Wolf." Proceed at your own peril.]

After Cersei Lannister's actions during Sunday's Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, she's in for a world of hurt.

You see, of all the terrible, no good people in Westeros, Cersei is perhaps the most dastardly. Sure, she's experienced her share of tragedy, and the loss in her life seems unmatched, but she kind of brings it upon herself. A full-blown psychopath, she's so obsessed with House Lannister ruling the world that she's decimated her own family in the process. Sadly, that pattern doesn't seem to be letting up.

In episode 6, Cersei announced to Jaime that she was pregnant with their fourth child. Now childless after the deaths of Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen Baratheon (all her brother Jaime's, by the fair look of them), she'd been given another chance to carry on the Lannister line. This was a major reveal with serious meaning. How would Cersei's decisions change as a pregnant woman battling off multiple competitors for the Iron Throne?

Following the finale, though, Cersei has officially driven everyone away, and seems to be in it completely alone.

Karma go netflix

Even after Jon Snow, Tyrion, and friends go out of their way to present her with a terrifying wight, she continues her tired old tricks. She promises to support her visitors in battling the Night King despite having every intention to dominate them while their heads are turned to the north. Instead, she'll partner with Euron Greyjoy to get what she wants. SMH.

Disgusted by her deceit and continuous refusal to use any logic or common sense, Jaime leaves her alone at King's Landing.

"This isn't about noble houses, this is about the living and the dead," Jaime says as he attempts to talk sense into her. "I made a promise."

But Cersei is unmoved.

Karma go netflix

One would think she'd have learned her lesson by now.

With her only remaining allies being one insane maester, a zombified Mountain, and bloodthirsty Euron Greyjoy, how will she carry on without imploding?

Happily accepting theories since we won't know until Season 8 premieres.

Karma’s Pay-As-You-Go LTE Mobile Hotspot Starts Shipping

Karma go netflix

Karma, the portable Wi-Fi hotspot offering a contract-free, pay-as-you-go service and the ability to earn free data by sharing your connection with others, has now started shipping its latest devices to pre-order customers. The company says that some of its earliest customers began receiving their hotspots as of Monday, while remaining customers will see theirs arrive within 45 days.

Currently, Karma is shipping out a few hundred devices per day but is planning to scale that up to one thousand or so in the future.

Karma has been around for a few years now and was backed by $3.6 million in outside funding, according to CrunchBase. Originally, the concept was to offer consumers a small, portable Wi-Fi hotspot that could be used whenever you needed connectivity. Some of Karma’s older devices ran on Clearwire’s data network (aka Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network), but, this past fall, the company announced a new, LTE-powered Wi-Fi hotspot that runs on Sprint’s Nationwide 4G LTE network, with fallback to 3G CDMA.

The device is still quite small so it can easily fit in a purse, pocket or bag, at 2.9″ x 2.9″ x 0.47″. It offers up to 220 hours of battery life in standby mode, or five hours during use with upload speeds of 2-3 Mb/s and download speeds of 6-8 Mb/s on the 4G LTE connection.

Karma sold these devices on pre-order for $99, though it said it planned to eventually retail them for $149 (which it did beginning in April).

Karma go netflix

To date, Karma says 20,000 hotspots were pre-ordered, with the top five cities ordering being New York, San Francisco, L.A., Chicago and Seattle.

Instead of paying for Karma on a monthly or subscription basis, device owners instead buy data as they go at $14 per GB. There are also discounts for buying in bulk. For instance, if you buy 10 GBs, the price comes down to $9.90 per GB.

What’s clever about Karma’s business model, however, is not just its contract-free data plan, but how it incentivizes Karma users to share their connection with others. That is, when a Karma hotspot is powered on, it broadcasts a signal that others can connect to. They’re then prompted to log in with their own Karma account or create a new one. After doing so, both the sharer and recipient (presuming they’re new to Karma), earn 100 MB of free data as a reward. The idea here is that users are helping grow the Karma community, so they should receive a benefit.

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

The device itself is very easy to use. You simply press a button to power it on, and rings on the side flash white to indicate it’s connected. The first time you use the device, you “claim” it as your own by connecting to the Karma Wi-Fi hotspot and then logging in with your Karma username and password (the same one you used to order).

On the accompanying mobile app, you can add more data, check your signal and battery life, track your data usage in real-time, and see who you’re sharing your connection with.

The device will automatically go to sleep if the Wi-Fi connection hasn’t been used for a while, but you can also put it to sleep manually by pressing and holding the power button.

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

Karma go netflix

It’s easy to blow through the small amounts of free data (100 MB) you earn by referrals, so those who are planning to use this as their primary Wi-Fi hotspot will likely end up paying for data.

The device will compete with those sold by mobile operators themselves, but it appeals to a different type of customer. Because there’s no contract, and the data you buy never expires, it makes Karma Go handy for the occasional business traveler, vacation-goer, or anyone else who doesn’t regularly need a hotspot connection.

Karma Go WiFi Hotspot Review And Test

December 7, 2015 January 7, 2016 36.65GB

January 18, 2016 February 7, 2016 15.25GB

today's date is 1/26/2016

I've heard of some people getting creative and somehow connecting their hotspot to a router then connecting to devices using hardwire. My speeds seemed to have slowed down as well over the last couple weeks and I got an email from Karma on 1-7-16 stating.

". we were surprised to learn how many of you are also using it heavily at home. We've seen lots of you binge watch Netflix in HD all day, back up your hard drives over the internet, and even connect your Xboxes through ingenious means. It’s a glimpse of how the internet should be, and we love it… but it's putting a strain on the service and it’s not what the product is meant for today.

So, to make sure that Neverstop continues to work seamlessly for as many people as possible, we have to make some changes to the service. We began running tests to optimize the service, including lowering speeds. Our engineers are working hard to find the right balance of always accessible worry-free internet, at a fair price, so you'll likely see speeds change over the next few days while we try to fine-tune that balance.

If you find that Neverstop doesn’t fit your needs, use our mobile apps to switch to Refuel, or head here for a refund."

I was getting 4.87mbps down and 5.12mbps upload but then Karma Go started throttling the connection so now I get 1.05mbps down and 1.90mbps upload. I can nearly watch a YouTube video now. Karma Go watches your usage, (Netflix, Gaming, Backups, Downloads, Browsing) and they sent me an email stating they will slow down speeds because of the way people are using the connection. This is like AT&T offering unlimited data and changing the terms of the deal. It doesn't matter what people do on their internet connection. Karma, you provided the Neverstop service and you're failing to deliver the service paid for.

RV Internet Options (and Karma Go review)

In the ideal world, you’d get into your RV and entirely ignore the outside world as you wander around for the weekend (or the whole year). In the real world, however, you’re going to need the Internet for something.

Let me just give it to you straight: any sort of mobile data usage is bound to be expensive — especially if you’re going to want reliable connectivity for work or a fast connection for Netflix.

Dana and I chose the Karma Go as our primary connection (while relying on our respective AT&T and Verizon cell phones as backup hotspots).

  • LTE / 4G radio so the speeds aren’t half bad.
  • Super small in case you need to take it with you elsewhere.
  • Battery powered so you’re not always pulling from the RV’s electrical system.
  • Pay-as-you-go option, in case you don’t need to use it often.

  • It doesn’t quite work everywhere, especially if you’re boondocking. (That’s where your personal cell phone hotspots are going to come in handy.)
  • Once the battery dies, you’re going to have to turn the inverter on to recharge.
  • You can only have

5 devices connected simultaneously so it may not be a good option for someone with a large family.

Overall, it’s not a bad choice and I’ve been happy with it. Get a Karma Go for yourself and give it a shot.

PRO TIP: if you’ve got an AT&T phone, choose the Rollover Data option and select a plan that has slightly more data than you use on a regular basis. Over time, you’ll have a bunch of “excess” data available for use and you’ll thank yourself for thinking ahead when you decide to binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix while boondocking out in the woods one night.

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